"Life on Mars"

Art is a chance to question the world around us, and this album is about the question of, if we went to Mars, "What would we want to do differently?"

Where it has been said that Mother Nature is boundless and overflowing, now it is our child crying out for love. Our role is as Mother to the natural world.

This sentiment is expressed through the song, "Live One," a meditation on extremes, duality and transcendence.

This album was inspired by new experiences. One must truly leave to appreciate home. When I returned from Iceland in 2016, entering 2017 was a time of great change.

The song, "Maybelline," is about identity. Empathy is chemistry.

We are dreamers who wish to sleep among the stars. Will we walk together tomorrow? When we explore new ideas we can also discover new ways to communicate. Art is a shortcut. Expression is our guide.

Songs by Riley Hodges

Produced by Antoine Arvizu & Riley Hodges

Recorded at the Compound Studio in Long Beach, CA

Album artwork - "Apocalypticus Romanticus" by Eric Stoner

Album design - Jake Davies



This album is about dreaming of a better place filled with love & empathy. A lot of work has gone into making these songs sound the best they can be. They are a record in time of our experiences in Iceland and efforts as a community of musicians in Long Beach, CA. We are now so proud to share our music to the world so that others may be inspired in the same way that we have been inspired. ~ Riley Hodges

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