The World Caught a Cold with Donald Trump

We all know that nasty cold that lingers on for weeks and weeks…

Well, it’s been 4 years and I’m still sick…

Donald Trump may be the worst President ever, and just like the inflammation he has caused, we’ll be in recovery for a long time.

But Donald Trump didn’t pave the way for what he ultimately did to our country. That was the Republican Party, now, for all intents and purposes, defunct.

When I read a book called Practical Paleo recently, researching a nutritional plan, I was struck with the similarities of anti nutrients, or defense mechanisms from plants, and how they can exacerbate your immune response to create chronic conditions if left untreated.

In the same way, our country, and the world, has suffered 4 years of this ongoing inflammation, and we are ready for a break. So much so that this has created for ourselves the worst cold we’ve ever known.

Covid-19 didn’t show up completely unannounced, that was the President’s job. But what it did do is wreak havoc on our already taxed immune system. We were ill-prepared, and now we’re just ill…

But the country is looking up with the Presidency of Joe Biden as he prepares to take the Oath of Office on Inauguration Day this Wednesday, 1/20/21. Yay for USA!

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